Saturday, September 6, 2014

Top Seasonal Rentals at Florida Retirement Communities

Knowing where the seasonal rentals are can be a big help for those wanting to get away in winter to a warmer climate.

A seasonal rental at a retirement community is different from a vacation rental.  There aren't as many of them and you need to reserve early before the season starts.  You also need to know the days you want to stay when you call.

September is about the last chance to get a seasonal rental at retirement communities.  If you missed out this year, keep this information handy for next year.

Seasonal rentals are structured to be easy for snowbirds to get away.   That is why most are fully furnished and there is no minimum lease term.

Seasonal rentals at retirement communities offer you more than a vacation condo as there are services that appeal to seniors such as transportation, meals, and social activities.  Some offer assisted living options for those needing those services.

In most cases, all you need is your food and clothes.

(verify all information)

Seminole, Florida:

Seminole Gardens  

Location:  8275 113th St. N, Seminole, Fl 
Contact: 727-397-2534

Minimum Seasonal Lease:  3 Months

Seasonal Rent:   1 Bedroom:  $1220.80
                              2 Bedroom:  $1450.40

Availability: Currently renting from Wait List


Description: Co-op condos that have rentals listed on their website.  No pets. No smoking. Currently has a wait list.

St. Petersburg, Florida:

Carleton Arms Apts of St. Petersburg    

Location:  6699 31st Way South, St Petersburg, FL 
Contact:   877-385-9575

Minimal Seasonal Lease: None (Season starts Dec. 1 thru April)

Seasonal Rent:   Studios: $1600
                             1 bedroom $1800
                             2 bedroom $2000

Availability:  Will know availability at end of September what rentals are available.  


Description:  12-15 Minutes to beaches - On Tampa Bay with boat dock. 

Sarasota, Florida:

Alderman Oaks

Location: 727 Hudson Ave., Sarasota  
Contact: 941-955-9099 

Minimum Seasonal Lease Term:  None

Seasonal Rent:  1 Bedroom  $3000+ includes 1 main meal, hskpg, utilities, cable and more

Availability:  Call


Description:  Downtown Sarasota near YMCA and Senior Friendship Center.

Miami Beach, Florida:

Imperial Club

Location:  Aventura off Biscayne Blvd.
Contact:    305-935-1801 (ask for Spring)

Minimal Seasonal Lease Term:  None

Seasonal Rent:  $3000 for 1 person; $3900 for 2

Availability:  Call asap - filling up fast - after September probably nothing available


Description:  Includes 3 meals, housekeeping, utilities

Pembroke Pines, Florida:

Hollybrook Golf and Tennis Club

Location:  9050 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines
Contact:    954-431-6600

Minimal Seasonal Lease Term: Dec-April

Seasonal Rent:   $900-$1600/mo

Availability:  Call asap - listings on website


Description:  Season starts December thru April.  Gated community with two golf courses, pool and activities.  Beach, restaurants, boating.    

Further Option:

Many apartment communities may be willing to do a short-term rental if you are willing to obtain your own furnishings and if they have the availability.   Check about a month or two before you would like to go.  See our Senior Apartments page.


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  2. Looks like Pennbroke is where it's at. Can't beat those prices, especially in Florida! You'd be hard pressed to find a seasonal rental for only $900 pretty much anywhere.

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