Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Suzanne Somers Tells us to Plan for Aging in her New Book

In her new book, "Bombshell," Suzanne Somers, who has turned 65, makes some good points:
One needs to plan for aging
In essence, one needs to take lifestyle seriously. Here is the video that inspired this post:

People plan for retirement, vacations, education, where to live, what to do during the day, but does one plan for future health.

Ok, some people are doing the right things for health, but there may be a nagging thought that one could do better.

How about losing weight? It is possible. I know because I did it. When I crossed over the recommended 25 BMI into the overweight category some years ago, I said, "ok, stop, that is enough." I was thin all my life and I decided I wanted to be thin again. Me-fat? Impossible. But there it was. I could not deny it.

So one changes. I became vegetarian. I began to follow the DASH diet. And I increased my exercise. I lost 30 lbs.

It does take some discipline. Keep in mind that foods one eats now may no longer be foods to eat going forward. One learns to find healthier choices.

Suzanne's book sounds intriguing and it might be a good place to start. Another way is to sign up for the DASH Diet program from their website for a way to a healthier lifestyle. And when looking for retirement communities, here are some things one might want to look for:

Somewhere to walk
Fitness Center
Recreational amenities such as golf, pool or tennis
Social programs
Wellness Programs
Well planned kitchens
Kitchen Islands
Restaurants with healthy food choices
Farmers markets and organic grocery stores in the area

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