Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Niches for the Retirement Years

I think it is marvelous that a New York Times blogger linked to my website.  I can see why they would do that considering their topic on niche retirement communities.  My site has some unique retirement categories.  Some of these are military, college, and equestrian.

I am always happy to discover more of these communities known as niches.  The New York Times article talks about some of them.  They are the community in Los Angeles for elderly motion picture actors and employees, the one for retired teachers, and there is one, as well, for former postmen.  These are just a few niche retirement communities.  I agree with the article that these communities are fewer now due to the economy.   However, there is a way to connect with whatever niche one chooses.

Large and small communities alike have been growing their lists of activities, clubs, and interest groups.  To find out if some of these have large groups of enthusiasts or are at the core of the community, one must ask.

Air Force Village West...military community in LA area
For instance, the Riderwood Community in Silver Spring, Maryland has an enormous crowd of card-playing enthusiasts.   In a conversation with the manager, this was mentioned.   There are extremely numerous card clubs.  This would be a dream community for card players.

Another community I came across had volunteering groups.  There was so much interest in this that I felt if one joined this community, they would have no problem joining in some of the various types of volunteering activities.

Another example would be the environmentalists.  There are communities that are adjacent to preserves.  A recent interview with Highland Green in Maine revealed the strong interest these residents had in nature and the outdoors.

Ecology Center at Highland Green--community in Maine

Unfortunately, a person may not even know about this.  On the surface, it looked to be like any typical active adult retirement community.

One has to dig deeper.  There are niches within niches.

I am not talking about any ordinary activity.  Most communities have the usual gardening club and clubhouse activities.  I am talking about real participation and commitment on a grand scale.  They are out there.  Whatever your preference, ask around.  I think it is essential to reveal it in my community descriptions when I find it.  I think it is what makes the community unique.   It is people joining others to enjoy the same thing.

The link from the New York Times article was to my military retirement communities page.  Military communities would be a niche.  Are there niches within this niche.   Start by asking the community.    Read the New York Times article, "Why Can't I Live With People Like Me?"


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