Monday, December 3, 2012

Rodeo Drive at Christmas

Our Christmas card to you this year to thank you for visiting us and keeping us in mind is of the beautifully decorated shops in The Rodeo Collection on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles which I hope you'll enjoy. 

We visited recently during the dampest, foggiest, wettest, rainiest few days of the entire year.  This is quite the opposite of what LA weather usually is.  People like change, so they probably don't mind the blanket of fog making their hair frizz or wilt, putting an extra sweater on; all things they don't usually have happen in LA.

But the crowds were out as we strolled among stores frequented by billionaires and celebrities who aren't too intimidated to enter.

It was fun to gawk and be gawked and admire the colors of bright poinsettias everywhere paired with twinkly white lights.  I noticed the decorations were very understated and elegantly beautiful.

I bought $50.00 worth of chocolate and cocoa at Vosges, a favorite culinary treat, and thought this might be a good place to look for online gifts.    I passed on the beautiful black dress I loved with turtleneck up to the chin and a price tag as high paired with patented high boots which I noticed is a look so popular now.

I want to take this moment to say how much I appreciate all the visitors to my site.  I do work hard to make it current, correct and authentic.   It means so much to me if you enjoy my site and more importantly find it useful in finding communities.  Let me know what you think and have a wonderful Christmas and holidays.

More photos:

Enjoy!  Merry Christmas - Happy New Year!

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Photos by Carol Fena, Best Guide Retirement Communities


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