Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You May Want a Large Shower in Your Retirement Home: 5 Reasons!

Seat in large separate shower
If you had your choice in your retirement home, would you choose a large shower or a small shower stall. Most people might say a smaller one not really giving it much consideration. When reviewing retirement communities, I see many very large separate showers, some with 2 seats. Liking smaller, cozier things in general I would wonder if I needed such a large shower (and more to clean). Some even had 2 seats in them--why would I need that.

Large separate shower

Well, now I know.   As you age, as I have said many times, things change.  Your preferences change, too.   Sitting around too much?  Have high blood pressure? Circulation impaired?  Need to help your spouse shower?   Wanting your shower to be your spa?   All of these things may influence your choice of shower. 

Here are some reasons you may not have thought of for choosing a large shower in your retirement home (and maybe a separate one with 2 seats, too).

1) Spending time in the shower --  you may be needing more than one shower for your active retirement lifestyle swimming, sunbathing, playing golf or tennis and you are finding the shower is more important. 

2) Helping spouse in the shower -- sometimes one person in a couple requires assistance in the shower -- a larger separate shower makes it easier to get into and maybe one with one or two seats.

3) Have additional spa-like gadgets in the shower -- a hand-held shower preferably with a massage feature can be enjoyed better in a large shower.

4) Improving circulation with hand-held shower head -- As we age, circulation becomes more important -- and a hand-held shower head is an inexpensive way to improve circulation -- a seat in the shower is helpful too when massaging the legs and feet.

5) Therapeutic uses such as cooling off in the shower or frequent showers may require a larger shower -- using the shower to cool down on a hot day is a pleasant way to relax or a hot shower to soothe aching muscles.

Yes, a large shower could be desirable for more reasons than pure aesthetic enjoyment--it may be a practical consideration.  Take this into consideration when you are looking for your retirement home.

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