Saturday, November 3, 2012

Upgrade Your Life by Buying a New Retirement Home

It's so exciting to purchase a new retirement community home--so much about it will change your life--hopefully, for the better. If you're happy where you are now, then there may be no need to change. But for most, a change will be for the better. So much about our lives in the first half is so different from our lives as seniors. What age do the most changes take place?

I think not until you are in your 60's and very much so in the latter 60's. So much has to do with health. In your fifties you may have planned on eating out every night when you retired, but in your sixties, you want to stay home and cook healthier.

It's very hard to find a restaurant that cooks the way you want to eat (or have to) in your senior years--lower salt, sugar and fat. If you cook at home, you can leave out the salt, saute in water instead of oil, and put in less sugar. Not so when you eat out.

So I find that this is a huge change when you turn 65 or become retired. If your current kitchen is less than inviting to cook in, please go to your nearest retirement community and see how great the new kitchens are--perhaps larger, more light, upscale features, kitchen islands, eating areas, blend with the great room and more. kitchenWhen a couple cooks together, 2 separate work spaces makes it more fun

Yes, a lot can change when you buy a new retirement community home and the looks and functionality of a kitchen for the senior years is not the least of those changes.

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