Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sounds fo Nature at Retirement Communities

oak tree This autumn morning I woke up at my usual 6:30am -- it's still dark out and I am hearing a soothing sound.   It sounds like rain but I look out and I realize it is the rustling of leaves on the tall old oak tree outside my window.  At this time of year the leaves start to turn brown and when there is a breeze the edges are knocking together and making this wonderful rustling sound.  Quiet, mysterious and pleasant to the ear.

I begin to think of other sounds of nature I have enjoyed.  Some of my favorite ones are:

..raindrops and wind howling against the window
..roaring ocean surf 
..rippling streams in the mountains as the snow melts in spring
..seagulls wings flapping in flight overhead
..pockets of silence from canyons, oceans, deserts
..wind chimes in a breeze

The cool autumn air inspired me to take a walk before sunrise to discover that all the majestic trees were making the same rustling sound as I walked on the trail through my retirement community.

 I saw a family of deer feeding on the dewy grasses--silent and serene. 

I'm sure you have your favorite sounds of nature too.  I think retirees look for sounds like these in retirement.  Next time you visit a retirement community you have been thinking about, listen as well as look.  Listen for the sounds of nature at retirement communities.