Thursday, November 1, 2012

Great Resource for Real Estate News

We realize that most people visiting our site are primarily interested in knowing about where the retirement communities are.  However, with so much happening in the real estate news and news in general of late, we would like to refer you to a website with videos to help with some of the real estate market confusion that results from so many news stories and news events in general.

The National Association of Realtors has a page of video news updates  on the market that are very professionally done. 

We have our page "Real Estate Update" on our site following news and projections, however, we feel this site by the National Association of Realtors gives  more specific information with their frequent videos with their experts. 

So if you are interested in everything newsy about the real estate market, you will find this a good resource.  Many of the videos are for Realtor members but the News and Analysis video section or the Home & Design video Section would be of interest to everyone.   Enjoy!

Realtor TV Videos-- Go to the News and Analysis Category


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