Sunday, November 25, 2012

Excursion to North Carolina and Virginia Beach

The last few days I was in Virginia and North Carolina. I attended a seminar in NC. The trip down was an easy 4 hours with little traffic; we arrived at 3 PM. I have to put a plug in for the Marriott Courtyard Raleigh, because it was a fantastic experience that one doesn't often have for a short stay. The customer service was outstanding from the housekeeper to the very friendly professional demeanor of Stephanie at the front desk.

Everyone we encountered from the bartender, dining room personnel to even the taxi cab driver they arranged went beyond expectations. If you have a business, they are a fine example in customer service to observe. They recently remodeled their lobby; these new innovations were clever: bistro with TV screens, computer access and beautiful lighting within these private cubicles.

Many other features including a fireplace and lounge area.

The next night we stayed at a different hotel in VA Beach; the customer service was good but average. I must say the bartender was the exception. He made us laugh and was very helpful in selection of our cocktail and dinner.

Good customer service is important to your experience when visiting retirement communities also. You can tell if you are being treated in a very personal, professional, warm and welcoming manner. If so, you will most likely be back. When visiting retirement communities, leave plenty of time. Our trip was only 3 days and we kept arriving at communities too late. I wanted to see 4 Seasons' new community in New Kent, but the office was closed. I drove by to view the country ambiance.

And since I started back late, I encountered busy commute traffic and I will be careful not to do that again. One sight I did want to see was the Edgar Cayce Library in Virginia Beach. This was an inspirational experience and an attraction I would like to revisit. The massage at the spa was also excellent.

It was a fun trip. At times we were frustrated and tired, but overall very interesting hunting down retirement communities and taking in the sights as well. We are not affiliated with the Marriott. This is an information only website. We do not make recommendations. Please do your own thorough investigations of information.

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