Friday, November 23, 2012

Did Hurricane Irene Change Your Mind?

What a weekend it was with Hurricane Irene.

I hope everyone is well and got out of harm's way.

Worry over what the hurricane Irene would bring started for us right before the weekend and accelerated from there, but, fortunately, just as quickly the stress went away when the storm did.

Despite the hype, It was only a tropical storm by the time it got to NYC.  Lucky it wasn't worse but for a time there we thought it would be and that created a lot of anxiousness.

I think some news networks displayed too much hype.   I've decided it's best to listen to the authorities and state Governors and avoid any drama on TV.

  It's important to have good information from trusted individuals so you can make decisions about what to do for your personal safety.

So many situations going on this past weekend. .

and I wonder how many people have changed their minds about their retirement plans and places they want to move to.

I am wondering if Irene made a difference in their thinking.

But I decided nothing had changed for me.  Some places we thought would get it bad didn't, and places we thought were immune had bigger problems like the flooding in upstate New York.   So you just don't know where Mother Nature will strike.

When buying a retirement home, however, recent big weather events remind us it is best to have all inspection reports done, and review all disclosures including <i> but not limited to</i> flood zones and geologic (numerous) and other hazards before finalizing any contracts.

You have to also rely on your instincts and judgment more than ever  when deciding where to live.

Meanwhile, today I am back to writing about fabulous places to retire.

Update:  Surveying the Damage Links (Generally damage was much less than anticipation)
North Carolina New Jersey Delaware Rising Sea Levels in Delaware

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