Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A life Lesson from Anthony Bourdain

senior couple Anthony Bourdain travels the world--with bluejeans, rolled up sleeves on clothes that look like they lay for days at the bottom of the laundry pile. Yet he is revered because he has something to say.

You can see it in his swagger--a confident man. I'm sure everyone knows who he is and has watched on TV at least some of his fascinating culinary adventures around the world and reveled in his way with words. Of course, he has a first-class crew behind him--photographers, stylists, script writers, the works.

I envy him but don't know if I could be him even with all that. You see, the man has more than talent. He has the courage to pull it off. What makes his talent. A confidence in what he says. He's not afraid to be Anthony Bourdain. He speaks out, poetically and gifted true, but there are many who have the gift of writing and speaking, but not many who can take the heat in the kitchen.

This comes from having the courage to bring a talent out from under the bushel. If you are in a retirement community, does your talent remain under the bushel.

So many are bringing their talents out in retirement. There are clubs for photography, writing, art, gardening, charitable activities, drama and so much more.

Seniors are enjoying developing their talents in the many activities and clubs. They may not be Anthony Bourdains, but they are enjoying discovering who they are at this time of life. They are letting their talents, once suppressed, shine. Seniors everywhere are taking what may be the first step to liberating their gifts and their myriad curiosities at our retirement communities.

The silent generation has found a new voice.

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