Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Lesson From "Love Story" the Movie..

These words were spoken by Ryan O'Neal in the movie "Love Story." I watched it on TV the other night.  Did you see it.   I think it is the best line in the movie.  I don't know if it is in the book. 

Ordinarily, we might think these words are disrespectful to say to a father.  On the surface they are.  But the father deserved them.  He was fabulously wealthy, owned a mansion and a building on the Harvard Univ campus.  That is a lot to be arrogant about.  However, he looked down on the girl his son considered the love of his life.

The father was so consumed with his money, prestige, appearances and wealth that in Ryan's words "You don't know the time of day."  The father did not have time for "the little people."

There are a lot of people like that.   The ones that look down their noses at others not like them.  But do they know the time of day.  

When we retire, we have time to be something than what we have been most of our lives.  If we are of a high status, we might wish to be a little more laid back--find a retirement home by the ocean or countryside.  If we are broke at retirement, we may decide to look at a retirement mobile home park in a nice climate and affordable lifestyles.  This, even if we have been prosperous and enjoyed a large home in a nice neighborhood.  We are just desperate to change our lifestyle and get off the treadmill.

There are many lifestyle changes going on in retirement.  You feel you can finally dust off the trappings of society and be yourself.   That is the fun of retirement.

You've heard it said that older people no longer care what people think.  And that is true.   So have fun and explore in retirement what you can or cannot afford.   Just be yourself. And for some, easier said than done.  That is what retirement is for and that is the time of day.

Explore retirement communities today and get excited about your future.

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