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February Retirement Community News

February  - Happy Valentine's Day!  💕

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Aging and Inspiration:

Here is a post by a blogger I follow that talks about ones expectations for the new year and for our lives.   I couldn't have said it better than this "young" person of 36 speaking out on her birthday about aging and staying young.  Age doesn't matter when it comes to wisdom.  Some have it at an earlier age than others.

I believe aging begins in the mind.  If you think you are old, you are.    

The blog post talks about new beginnings, aging, anti-aging, the natural flow of life, our expectations for the new year and for our lifetime.   It is inspirational and introspective and a very appropriate article for anyone aging, and that's all of us.  

So what does aging mean to you?  Read this post, "10 Things About Birthdays," from,  for the discussion.   I enjoyed it and think you might also.

This quote from the article:
 '"To ditching goals that don't matter anymore. And working really hard for the ones that still do."

This quote from the movie "Titanic:"   
“Well, yes, ma'am, I do... I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count.” ― Jack Dawson, a la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic

A quote cause it's just a great quote from Doug Larson: "The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball."   Doug Larson

2017 Home Design Trends

By Red Mill in Massachusetts

Several sources say neutral colors will reign with bright accents.  Bright, light greens are a top choice for accent color.  It represents a fresh new start.  Incorporate it into your new home as an accent. 

Not everyone can afford to update their existing homes.  Painting and carpeting are expensive projects.  But when you purchase a new home, you can select your design options--a new beginning!

Does your resale home look outdated?

If you purchase a resale home, make sure you can easily refresh it with these new design choices without too much expense.  Nostalgia:  Who can forget how costly it was going from the shag carpet, bright oranges and browns of the 60's to the refreshing pale colors in the 70's? 

This new lighter colors trend is not that drastic but there will be some updating going on.  Design consultants are recommending whites and creams instead of the grey that has been so popular in recent years; white also in tiles and countertops.  Use of marble and quartz is a good way to get the lighter colors in countertops.  Accent with terra-cotta if it suits your design.  Painted white cabinets and brushed steel hardware are big but cherry cabinets and granite counters are both still great.  
These videos from Shea Homes design trends are great!     And here are design tips from Toll Bros.

Communities with Overnight Stays To Try Out the Lifestyle

Many communities with visitor stays are beginning to book now for Late Winter and Spring.  These fill up fast so reserve your stay now.  Please note the terms as they vary by community.  For instance, some communities state they are only for serious buyers.  These visitor stays are usually at good prices and gives you a chance to try out the 55+ lifestyle amenities.  They most often are found at new communities, larger communities, and ones with many amenities.

Affordable Areas in the U.S.

Another great article by John Burns Consulting.  With prices of homes continuing to rise, some seniors want to know where they can move to that they can afford.   Some of the most expensive areas are:
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • San Jose
  • Ft. Lauderdale
The article says the most affordable places (read the complete article for criteria) are:
  • Houston
  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Austin
  • Raleigh-Durham

Top 100 Builders

Builder Online has a list of Top 100 Builders for active adult with the most revenue and sales.  The top 12 on their active adult list are:
  • Lennar
  • Pulte (Del Webb)
  • CalAtlantic
  • KB
  • Meritage
  • Taylor Morrison
  • Hovnanian
  • Toll Bros.
  • Beazer
  • M/I
  • Shea
  • The Villages of Lake Sumter
(See the entire list of builders on Top 100 Active Adult List)

February 2017 Community News


Feb. 18: Shea Homes Trilogy at Wickenburg Ranch:  Grand Opening of the Golf and Social Club for VIPs 11-4.  The new Club will open March 4th.

Shea Trilogy Verde River: If you purchase through Feb. 15, you may receive their "Great Outdoors" Lifestyle Package (please verify all information as this may be a limited time offer).  Things like mountain bike, helmet, etc., are included.   See Trilogy Life for details.
 More Trilogy at Verde River Events:
  • February 12:  Classic Car Show - 11AM-3PM - Cars, music, purchase feed.  For more info call 480-454-2201
  • Every other Friday Hard Hat Tours of the Golf and Social Club 11AM-Noon.  RSVP 480-347-9901
Feb. 12th: Trilogy Vistancia patio parties resume. 12-2PM at Mita Club.
Through end of February Trilogy is having incentives on quick move-in homes (verify).

Trilogy Rio Vista:
  • Sat. Feb. 11: 1-3PM - Wine and Chocolate at Tour Center RSVP - 222 Summerset Dr., Rio Vista 800-685-6494
  • Short-time incentive at Trilogy Rio Vista: Upgrade your homesite at no additional cost to a wider one on select floor plans. 800-685-6494 (verify all information).

The wait's almost over:  Birchwood at Brambleton is coming soon to Loudoun County.  See our Virginia communities page for updates.


Long-Awaited Community Coming Soon: Courts of Clarksburg by Pulte in Clarksburg, Md., a scenic rural area outside Wash. DC Metro Area in Montgomery County.  Not priced yet.


Ponte Vedra by Del Webb:  "Sweet Deal" Savings on move-in ready homes - short time savings - see them for complete information.  

Del Webb is now taking reservations for March to book overnight stays.

Long Island, NY

Beechwood Homes in Smithton - Coming Soon.

Toll Bros. National Sales Event Feb. 4-20 - Limited Time Incentives.  See Sales Consultant for complete information and to verify.

See all our great New and Coming Soon communities on our website for finding 55+ communities.  And be sure to check out our site on mobile.  We think you'll love it. 

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World of Retirement Communities: News and Events

Stay informed about exciting happenings in the world of retirement communities.  

This feature will be updated monthly.  

Festivities, parties, guest speakers, guest performances and more are frequent events at 55+ and active adult communities.  Many are open to the public and free.  They advertise the community to guests or they are regular community activities that happen to be open to the public.

Please verify all information before going to communities.  Visit their websites for up-to-the-minute information.

February 2017:

Go here to read the Monthly Retirement Community News for February.   💕💕💕💕

Happy Valentine's Day!  Celebrate Valentine's Day and other events.  Want inspiration:  Read our new feature article we link to and other informative notes for this mid-winter month.


January 2017:


Happy New Year!  🌅

New communities are popping out like flowers after a spring rain.  There is a shortage of 55+ housing, so builders are interested in building for this segment of the home buying public.

We look forward to another great year for buyers and sellers.  There are more communities than ever!  More seniors retiring (or not) and not enough communities for 55+.   They are so popular!  We have been busy listing all the new communities on our website.

Communities in the South are more popular than ever!

Winter is the time of year when seniors visit warmer states in the South.  Traffic on our website to the following states picks up considerably:  All parts of  Florida,  California, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, and north carolina. 

Read our new blog article about communities coming soon in 2017 to mild-climate states.  

 Low Income Communities

Interest in low-income apartments has increased lately as prices of homes and rentals continue to rise.  While luxury apartments for the boomers is the main focus of our site,  we have 7 pages of low-income 55+ communities for people who meet the income requirements. 

Topic:  Cooking Again

If you don't want to eat restaurant food on a daily basis (which has more salt and sugar you don't want), then you must learn some cooking tips. 

1)  I recently came across this one:   Microwave Mug Muffin

Have you heard about that?  I recently saw a video about how to do this.  Having tried it, I love it!  Making one muffin is so fast and easy!  Using a basic recipe, I have made chocolate, chocolate chip; ginger blueberry; eggnog; apple and more.  You can use your imagination on this.  But the chocolate one is the best, I think.   Here is the video of Dr. Gundry demonstrating.  I think you would love it (and he also has a great book called Diet Evolution.)

2)  Also Shea Homes has terrific videos from its Trilogy Top Chefs.  Trilogy is the name of their communities for 55+.

Incentives to Buy

The year-end savings events have ended.  You need to ask as some have been continued.  You need to ask communities about incentives as they are not always advertised on their websites.

Visitor Stay prices are usually lower in winter except for states like Florida.  Check it out.  


December 2016:

This is the month to look for year-end incentives.  Builders are anxious to sell their inventory before year-end.  Some great deals are being offered on move-in ready homes. 

Also, this month look for Christmas and Holiday Festivals.  Communities may be closed on Christmas Day so call first.  Check your favorite community to see what is happening. 

Many model homes will feature Christmas decorations. 



I spent Thanksgiving with my oldest daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren.  Guests were my son-in-law's brother, wife and child.  My youngest daughter lives in California and couldn't be there.  But both girls have outstanding cooking abilities and interest.   In addition my son-in-law does too.  

The kitchen was swirling with happy sounds, delectable fragrance and joyful curiosities.  My daughter and her husband do not cook turkey for Thanksgiving every year.  This year they decided to have a menu of enticing Indian food.  The following were cooked to perfection:

  • Dal Makhani
  • Chana Punjabi
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Curried cauliflower and sweet potatoes
  • Green beans
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Naan
  • Basmati rice pilaf
  • Raita
  • Pecan and berry pies with whipped cream or ice-cream

It was delicious.  Next year they are thinking of cooking Italian.  I forgot to take a photo of my dinner plate but I did get this one with leftovers the next day:
Indian Food Leftovers after Thanksgiving

My daughter cooks a truly great pie!
Cooking is truly a great passion in their house and their kitchen is so organized!  This made me think to add the following:

What Makes A Great Gourmet Kitchen 

You often see communities in their marketing saying a home feature is a gourmet kitchen.  But what do they mean by that.  Maybe their kitchens have some or all of the following that makes it gourmet.

  • It flows - you feel good cooking in there
  • It has room to store appliances, bowls, pots and pans
  • It may have a kitchen island for extra countertop space
  • It should have granite or quartz countertops
  • It has stainless steel appliances -- preferably energy-saving
  • Lots of storage, maybe a pantry (room for salad spinner, tools, pots and pans)
  • A gas stove, overhead fan, modern dishwasher (there are some pretty fancy new models)
  • Large sink including faucet with pullout sprayer  
  • Customized drawers with sliding shelves, lazy susans etc.
  • Spacious for people to move around easily
  • Microwave, blender, mixer, electric toaster, coffee making station
  • Plenty of outlets for devices and area for charging phones, computers

Their kitchen has all of the above and more.  Again, I forgot to take photos.  But their kitchen is truly gourmet and a pleasure to work in.  Can you add anything to the list.  Let me know and we'll discuss further next time. 

New on the website:  

Mobile Phones:  Check out our site on mobile phones.  We think we have one of the best sites for retirement communities to navigate on mobile phones.  You can move up and down the page easily by clicking Navigation and Return to the Top of page.  Our Table of Contents and Map are at the top along with our new feature Newest Communities Chart.  Our Most Popular Communities feature is at the bottom of the page.  And if you want to see all categories for that state page, go to Navigation where its located at the bottom of the page.  And thank you for visiting us.

What features would you like us to have to make your use of mobile phones more efficient for looking for retirement communities.  Please let us know if there is something that would improve your experience on mobile phones. 

Lower-Priced Floor plans

One thing I have observed lately is that many communities are adding a small square footage plan to their floorplans.  This is very welcome. 

As prices are increasing, many buyers are being priced out of the market--a very sad thing.   H
appily, many builders are offering a new floor plan priced under $250,000 or under $200,000.   So keep checking for new floorplans, if this is your concern. 


This has been a solid trend all year.   Incentives aren't always advertised or there may be additional ones to the advertised ones.   Sign up on community websites for updates and you may get the information in an email.  I have found the updates very helpful. 

Incentives are most strong during December in order to reduce the builder's inventory before year-end.  Check it out!   

    RV Information:

    Keep up with trends.  John Burns Real Estate Consulting offers a great article for RV enthusiasts.  

    Also, see their article about 55+ apartments.

    Getaways with Visitor Stays:

    Winter is a good time to take a few days  and view communities with Visitor Stays.   Check the individual communities to see if they have offers to visit.  If the community is closing out usually these offers are withdrawn. 

    Del Webb has frequent "Explore Del Webb" stays.  There is a list here of Del Webb communities with visitor stays.  Try stringing a few together.

    For those considering a Shea Trilogy community, they have released a list of Trilogy communities with "Taste the Good Life"  overnight stays, a good way to explore.  They are:
    • Vistancia - Arizona
    • Encanterra - Arizona
    • Ardiente - Nevada
    • Monarch Dunes - California
    • Polo Club - California
    • Ocala Preserve - Florida
    • Orlando - Florida
    • Lake Norman - NC
    • Lake Frederick - Virginia

    Florida Short-Term Seasonal Rentals:  

    Snowbird Tip:  If you missed out on traditional apartment-type seasonal rentals, consider RV communities.  Many have units to rent for the season (Nov. thru April).  Units can be park models or cottages.  You can rent by week, month or season.  These communities have luxury amenities and are in great locations.  You can find lists of 55+ RV Communities and RV-Florida communities on my website.

    California and Arizona also have seasonal RV rentals.


    As rents continue to rise, we have noticed increased interest in Low Income Housing on our website. 

    Builder Websites: 6 Reasons to Visit the Community or Company Website

    • Showing incentives and special offers
    • RSVP for events offered to the public  
    • Registering to be updated on communities
    • New communities Coming
    • Blog Articles
    • Events Pages

    New Communities Coming in the New Year:

    Regatta Landing in Windstar on Naples Bay on the West Coast of Florida.  Starting low $500's. 2399-231-4381

    Bridgewater at Viera by WCI in Melbourne, Florida.

    Oasis Daytona in Daytona, Florida

    Venue at Princeton - New Jersey

    Bridge Bay at Bannon Lakes - St. Augustine, Fl. - From $200's.

    Valencia Bay in Palm Beach County, Fl. by Minto.  From upper $400's.

    Four Seasons at Parklands in Florida - Grand Opening Model Event Nov. 5th. - By K Hovnanian - From low $300's.

    Bay Bridge Cove - Maryland's Eastern Shore by McKee Homes

    Cresswind Charlotte opening in 2017 by Kolter

    Regency at Palisades by Toll also in Charlotte, NC

    Regency at White Oak Creek by Toll in Apex, NC

    What's Happening at Communities:


    Trilogy at Verde River:

    Homes starting price in upper $400's.   Only new golf community in North Scottsdale.  Model homes now open.  Appointments recommended.  Open Daily - times vary - New golf improvements open Nov. 5th to the public.
    17427 East Desert Vista Trail, Rio Verde (near Scottsdale)  

    Available:  Designer quick-movein homes - options hand-picked by design team.

    Verify all events before going 800-685-6494. (Note: I have found Shea Homes readily answers their Trilogy customer service phone number.)

    Trilogy at Vistancia in Peoria:

    Homes are priced from low $200's.  Try Before You Buy Program for $399 3 nights and 4 days (see rules).  Just released second round of homesites.  New Focus Collection features a sliding glass wall.

    • FYI Vistancia has a very active bicycle club and features expert knowledge of the surrounding trails.
    • Named the best 55+ community by "Best in American Living" awards. 
    • This community has the Alvea Spa.
    • Move-in ready homes are available with designer touches.

    Victory at Verrado at Buckeye:  

    Now Open - from upper $300's.

    They have had their first grape crushing event at their working vineyard.  Will do it again in 2017 if you missed it.

    They have a calendar listing public events.   They also feature monthly wellness talks.   Call 623-399-9001 for questions about upcoming events..  

    The Victory community is on the list of "Ten Hottest Neighborhoods," recently published by Phoenix Magazine.  

    Arizona Travel Feature:  If you'll be in Arizona, Maracay Homes has an excellent calendar of events for major communities around Arizona.   Maracay Homes has a new 55+ community in Victory at Verrado - From $370's.

      Sun City Festival:

      Del Webb's 55+ community in Buckeye - You can experience the lifestyle for only $59+/night  (see rules--rate subject to change).   Day pass or overnight passes.   Starts from very low $200's.

      Good offer:  3 night stays for $59 a night plus tax (verify).  (First-time visitors only.) Offer good until end of year.   Price range for homes start $200's.

      Del Webb still has their incredible offer to save $20,000 on move-in ready homes in Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson areas) if closes by Dec. 31. (Please verify information for this offer.)  

      Phoenix Magazine has an article listing its "Top Ten Hottest Neighborhoods for 2020"  

      There are two 55+ Communities on their list:  Encore at Eastmark by AV Homes and Victory at Verrado.

      Also interesting to note:  they reveal that there will be a new Apple Headquarters coming to the Mesa area in 2016-2017.


      Good article on Tucson 2015 market trends.  The economy, prices of homes, employment and more.


      Trilogy at Vineyards - Northern California (East Bay):
      By Shea Homes   Priced from low $500's.

      For events at your favorite Trilogy communities read their Events Blog.

      Trilogy at Rio Vista - Northern California - less than an hour to San Francisco

      Saturday, Dec 3rd - 11-2 - Winter Celebration - festive food and drink at The Tour Center.  They are in their final phase.  See quick move-in homes.  RSVP online for this community in a great location with San Francisco less than an hour.

      Saturday, Dec. 17th - 11-2 - Santa Claus visits - Holiday treats, arts and crafts and visit Santa.  RSVP Online - Prices from high $200's.


      Florida has the best prices.  Can't complain about these prices at communities in Florida:

      Del Webb under $200,000:

      Del Webb Stone Creek - $159,990
      Del Webb Orlando - $170's
      Cypress  Falls at the Woodlands - $170's
      Del Webb Naples - $190's

      Many more builders have communities less than $200,000.  See all 12 of Best Guide's Florida pages starting here at East Coast Florida.

      Trilogy Orlando by Shea Homes

      Many outstanding events occur at this community.  Call to see which ones are open to future residents.  Homes from upper $100's.

      Quick Move-In Homes:     Every Saturday 1-4 Live music on the patio.   Verify from sales consultant.

      Note:  Lake Nona - Coming a world class tennis center (USTA) with 100 tennis courts to Orlando area.  For more information contact USTA.

      Tradition community in Port St. Lucie - Will build a new VA Nursing home in Florida.  This will be the seventh in Florida.

      Interesting to Note:  Del Webb has listed their states and communities that have a loft feature.  Lofts are great if you often have out-of-town guests to give them a private space.  They are also handy for having an extra space for an office or even storage.  Lots of uses.  The following states have communities with loft plans in a Del Webb home:  Connecticut, Florida, Georgia,  Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North and South Carolina,  and Texas.

      Del Webb Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota area 

      Model Homes and Sales Center now open - Designated a Top 50 master community -  Homes priced from $220's. 

      Del Webb Stone Creek in Ocala

      A new phase called Sandalwood with golf, pool, spa and recreation.  Stone Creek starts as low as mid-$100's and is one of the largest active adult communities.  This gated community's fishing pier and softball are now open.  

      New:  Grand Opening of their RV Park and Boat Storage.  See their website for limited time offer on receiving Flex Cash on Stone Creek homes.

      Also, they have a visit tour.

      Del Webb has a new community coming soon in St. Augustine.

      Indian River Colony Club - Melbourne - (predominantly members of the military)

      IRCC has a great golf getaway package for 3 days/2 nights -  Call for details - Did you know this community is on 453 acres with 28 lakes featuring wildlife and gorgeous sunrises. Visit now!  1936 Freedom Dr., Viera - 877-509-9532

      New or Coming Florida communities:

      • K Hovnanian Four Seasons at Orlando - coming soon to Kissimmee - Join the Interest List now for updates.
      • Regatta Landing in Windstar on Naples Bay on the West Coast of Florida.  Starting low $500's. 2399-231-4381
      • Bridgewater at Viera by WCI in Melbourne, Florida.
      • Oasis Daytona in Daytona, Florida
      • Bridge Bay at Bannon Lakes - St. Augustine, Fl. - From $200's.
      • Valencia Bay in Palm Beach County, Fl. by Minto.  From upper $400's.


      Del Webb at Lake Oconee - Greensboro
      Direct access to lake with boat ramp.  Call or visit the sales office 1001 Muscogee Way, Greensboro. 866-433-5932 

      Windsong Homes
      Newest community is called Serenade.  Only 41 ranch homes in this ideal location priced from mid $300's.   


      Kent Island:  A new 55+ community coming soon to Kent Island in Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Bay Bridge Cove By McKee Homes.  From low $300's. (verify all information)

      New Jersey

      Good value in a new phase of "Liberty Square at Wesmont Station" in Wood-Ridge, NJ.  Townhomes for a commute to NYC starting from $370's. 

      New York Long Island

      Some great new communities selling fast on Long Island.  See the Long Island 55+ communities page on our website.   We also have pages for apartments and low income housing on LI.

      A great deal on Long Island if you qualify for income-restricted properties:   The Villas at Meadowbrook Pointe - Start price $289,000!  Townhouse start at $327,000. 

      We reviewed an apartment community recently called Westbrook Village.  It is located on Long Island, NY.  Read our review of this 55+ apartment community.

      New Mexico

      Mirehaven by Del Webb:
      See the model homes and learn about the special features of the  lifestyle of the new Sandia Amenity Center.  Unique desert architectural design.  Homes priced from $230's.    9205 Del Webb Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, NM  

      North Carolina

      Trilogy Lake Norman - Denver, NC - homesites selling quickly -  7505 Highway 73, Denver NC

      Recurring Events:  Wine Down Wednesday - 2nd Wednesday of the month - RSVP 704-812-9000 

      They have a new tour center at 6844 Shoal Creek Dr., Denver NC

      New Floorplan under $250,000  (Community Pricing from $239,000 to upper $300's.) - yay!  Probably won't last long.

      December Hard Hat Tours:  For a short time when you tour their new Trail Collection, you can receive a lunch on them.  Call to schedule your tour at 800-685-6494. 

      December 10th:  Be entertained at the Model Home by H C Oakes Duo - acoustic guitar music - Mini desserts and more - no RSVP necessary. 

      Main tourist attraction in area:  The Biltmore.


      Regency at Hilltown by Toll Brothers - Bucks County

      This new community of 268 carriage homes is now open daily.  This is in a rare location for 55+ communities.  By Toll Brothers.  Price from upper $300's.  In Perkasie.  See the news article.


      Sun River St. George Resort-style community: 

      Offers a 2-night, 3 days Discovery Tour in a designer villa for $99! (verify) 877-322-0903.
      On-going special events.

      See their blog for many events.


      Trilogy Lake Frederick (120-acre lake in Northern Virginia)

      This is a sleeper!  I enjoyed my visit to this community so much!  See my review.   A good way to visit is at one of their events.  They always have a full calendar of events.  Call the rep for details and the best one to attend at 540-508-2020.

      Trilogy Lake Frederick now has the 360 degree interactive tour on their website (


      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone. 

      Thank you for visiting us this year.  We look forward to another outstanding year for 55+ communities in 2017.  Read all about them on our website,

      Go to our website for all the new communities!

      Friday, January 6, 2017

      The Best 55+ Master Communities (Includes 2016 Updated List)

      Heritage St. Charles
      Here is my annual update on the 50 top master communities from the list by John Burns real estate, a premier real estate consulting company.  I take their well-researched listings and extract the 55+ communities from it and present it here.  Of course we are only interested in active adult communities, but I have put in a couple that aren't age restricted because I thought they were particularly appropriate for seniors in retirement or pre-retirement.  

      Please refer to my two previous years lists for comparison as to which ones made it again this year.  However, there are many new ones on the 2014 list and more than previous years.  The 2015 list should be out in the early part of 2016.  Update: See the 2016 List changes, below.) 

      A big change was that there were no communities from Arizona which had 3 last year.  Keep in mind that as communities near sellout they would naturally fall off the list.

      2017 Update:  (Listing master communities performing in 2016). 

      There wasn't significant change last year from the previous year so we didn't update last year (2015).   Here is the 2016 list:

      Master Communities on the 2016 Top 50 List by John Burns (ones that have at least one 55+ community in them): 

      In the top 50 are:
      • The Villages #2 on the John Burns List
      • Nocatee #3
      • Lakewood Ranch #5
      • Summerlin #6
      • Cane Bay #7
      • Eastmark #11
      • Rancho Mission Viejo #17
      • Vistancia #18
      • Daybreak #19
      • Verrado  #22
      • Crosscreek Ranch  #23
      • Woodforest  #27
      • Green Valley Ranch #31  (Fairway Villas)
      • Ave Maria  #35
      • Cadence  #36
      • Briar Chapel  #40
      • Viera #41T
      • Town Lake Houston #41T
      • Traditions  #46
      • Fishhawk Ranch Tampa  #47T
      • Del Sur (Auberge in San Diego) #47T

      2014 Top 50 List (Posted Previously):

      This lists master communities with the most sales (in 2014).  We are listing only the 55+ ones or has an age-restricted community within it (with a couple exceptions as noted).  


      • The Villages #1

      In Central Florida by Village of Lake Sumter.   Developer still maintains the #1 position on the list as on previous years lists.  They keep growing for a couple more years but are running out of land in this hugely popular community.

      • Lakewood Ranch #9
      Esplanade - Active lifestyle with low maintenance by Taylor Morrison in Sarasota, Florida.  Villas and single homes.

      Del Webb Lakewood Ranch - Coming soon - Sign onto VIP List now - 55+ Resort-style - Lakewood Ranch is in Manatee County and near Sarasota.

      • Nocatee #3
        Del Webb Ponte Vedra at Nocatee

      In Ponte Vedra, Florida, near Jacksonville.  There is a Del Webb community Del Webb Ponte Vedra.  The popular master community remains #3 on the list.

      • Valencia Reserve and Valencia Cove #30
        Valencia Cove, West Palm Beach, by GL Homes

      Valencia Reserve, Palm Beach, Florida, by GL Homes, on last year's list and made the list this year has sold out, but GL Homes makes the list again with Valencia Cove.

      • Viera  #37

      New this year.  Heritage Isles is the active adult community - price $100,000-$400,000 -  single family, townhomes, condos, villas - clubhouse, restaurant, tennis, recreation, trails, swim pool, social activities and more. Off 95 exit 191 Viera Discovery Center open daily  at 7380 Murrell Rd., Viera - 321-242-1200

      By Lennar  - not over 55 but has all the amenities for senior living and retirement in popular Naples.

      • Ave Maria #49

      55+ in Naples made the list this year and there is Del Webb at Naples in that community by Barron Collier Companies.


      • The Woodlands #12

      In Houston, TX by The Irvine Company - has an independent and assisted living community.  It was on last year's list.  Del Webb community coming in 2016.  

      • Teravista by Newland Communities #44

      Round Rock (Austin) - On last years list.  Village Builders has a NextGen home. These homes have a home within a home, conceived by Lennar Homes.   

      Down in rank #44 down from #37 -  By Newland communities  - Coming Senior Campus with an independent and assisted living/memory care facility planned to open in 2016.  32 units of independent living and is adjacent to skilled nursing facility.  

      So much to offer seniors:  Emerald Cottages of Round Rock will have 2 bedroom/2 bath plans for lease for 55+   Each cottage will also have a garage. 

      Emerald Cottages, Franklin Park Assisted Living and Bel Air at Teravista will serve seniors as they transition from independent to assisted living. Also skilled nursing and rehab is available. 

      Next to Teravista Golf Club, and shopping.  Texas A&M College of Medicine is nearby.  Also hospital and medical centers are convenient making this a true senior campus for central Texas.  Emerald and Franklin planned to open in fourth quarter 2016.  4211 Teravista Club Dr., Round Rock TX 512-861-2103

      • New on the list:  Woodforest  by Johnson Development Corp. #20

      Houston - has a 55+ community called Bonterra by Taylor Morrison - $400’s

      • Crosscreek Ranch #21

      Houston - the 55+ community is Bonterra at Crosscreek Ranch by Taylor Morrison and is their 2nd Bonterra community in Houston.   West Houston area.  

      • Shadow Creek Ranch   #43

      Has The Colonnades at Reflection Bay - elegant resort lifestyle.  Limousine service, concierge, mediterranean architecture, restaurants, Chapel and more.

      Also has assisted living, nursing and a memory care facility, Autumn Leaves. Autumn Leaves is located at 11200 Discovery Bay Dr. 713-436-3941


      • Highlands Ranch #40

      In Denver, Colorado, by Shea Homes. Many senior activities. (up to #40 from #50)

      • The Meadows  #46

      Denver, Colorado.  Bonaventure of Castle Rock is an Independent and assisted living community. There is also a memory care option.  Slightly down from last year's list.

      • New on the list:  Green Valley Ranch #36

      Denver - Fairway Villas - This currently is the only 55+ community at Green Valley Ranch.  


      • Summerlin - The Howard Hughes Corp. #17

      Sun City in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada.  #17 down from #12 on last year's list.


      • Daybreak #28

      Salt Lake City - Garden Park over 55 community at Daybreak.  (28 down from 23)

      Washington DC Metro Area

      • St. Charles #42
        Clubhouse at Heritage St. Charles

      By St Charles Companies -  Heritage at St Charles by Lennar in Waldorf is the 55+ community - more plans coming for seniors in this area.


      South Carolina

      • Cane Bay Plantation #23

      Still on the list and up from last year.  The 55+ communities of the gated Del Webb Cane Bay is here and Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay is coming by K Hovnanian Homes.


      • Brambleton #24

      In Wash DC metro - in wealthy Loudoun County, Virginia.   Birchwood at Brambleton 55+ is a new community within this master.

      2015 has turned out to be a very successful year for real estate builders and developers.  Can't wait to see the list for 2015.  Check back with us early 2016.  (Update:  See 2016 List changes, above.) 

      ...and thank you for visiting.


      Tuesday, January 3, 2017

      Top Florida 55+ Communities List for 2017

      Alamanda Key
      This is the 2017 list for 2016's Most Popular 55+ communities on our site.  They are both new and resale.   See our website for new communities coming out in 2017.  And come back next year to see that list.   

      The ones listed here are the most popular on our site having received the most click-throughs in 2016.  

      Communities new to the list:

      • Pelican Preserve
      • Alamanda Key
      • Villages of Seloy
      • Woodfield
      • Sun City Center
      • The Villages

      Communities on previous years lists but not on this year's list. (Some are due to having sold out and interest is not as strong.)  

      • Lakes of Mt. Dora
      • Hollybrook Golf and Country Club
      • Heritage Isles
      • Cascades Estero
      • Summerglen
      • Sweetwater
      • Arlington Ridge
      • Highlands Ridge
      Communities moved up the most from the 2015 list:

      • Valencia Lakes
      • Highland Lakes

      #1:  Valencia Lakes by GL Homes

      5005 Pearl Crest Court, Wimauma, Fl.

      • Gated
      • 40-acre lake
      • waterfront recreation
      • Lifelong learning program
      • 25 miles south of Tampa
      • Coastal beaches about 35 miles
      • Clubhouse, resort-style pools, garden area, activities
      • RV Storage
      • 1300 homes planned
      • Homes and villas starting high $100's

      #2:  Lakeridge Falls - Sarasota

      4200 Lakeridge Blvd.

      • Gated   
      • Tile Roofs
      • Clubhouse, Fitness Center, Resort Pool, Recreation, Social Activities
      • 15 minutes to beaches of Lido and Siesta Keys
      • 3 neighborhoods, 399 homes of singles, duplexes and villas

      #3:  Pelican Preserve by WCI

      10571 Veneto Dr.,  Fort Myers - 239-985-1600

      • Gated and manned 24 hours (verify all information)
      • 27-hole private golf (some seasons open to public)
      • nature preserves
      • Plaza del Sol Award-Winning Town Center
      • Movie Theatre
      • Swim pools
      • Golf Clubhouse
      • Sports Complex
      • Bird Sanctuary
      • Tennis
      • Fishing Pier
      • Outdoor bar and grill
      • Garden Plots
      • From mid-$100's to $500's
      • Variety of home styles from classic, chateau, villas and carriage homes

      #4:  Alamanda Key

      4290 Alamanda Key Dr., Melbourne - 321-727-8188 or 321-549-0009 (Sales Center)

      • New and Resale LifeStyle Homes and Villas
      • Styled as cottage homes in Key West
      • Gated and manned
      • Clubhouse
      • Pool
      • Front porches
      • lakes
      • Metal Roofs
      • Starts $200's

      #5: Kings Gate - Port Charlotte

      24297 West Gate Blvd.  
      • Gated
      • Clubhouse, social and recreational activities
      • 18-hole Golf course and golf cart friendly
      • Singles and golf villas
      • Low property taxes, no flood insurance required
      • Near Hospital

      #6: Highland Lakes - Palm Harbor

      3300 MacGregor Dr.
      • Clubhouse, pool, tennis, recreation
      • Tampa Bay Area
      • 27-hole golf, free to residents (verify)
      • RV and Boat Storage
      • Pontoon Boats

      • Lake Tarpon

      #7: Southshore Falls by Del Webb

      5815 Sunset Falls Dr., Apollo Beach

      • Gated
      • 5 minutes to Tampa Bay
      • Small to large floor plans
      • Amenity Center, pool and spa
      • From $160's

      #8: Villages of Seloy - St. Augustine

      206 Seloy Dr., St. Augustine - Open Daily - 904-810-2097

      Styled like an old world village with new amenities.
      • Gated
      • Near nature preserve
      • Single story condos with 2-car garages
      • Clubhouse
      • Luxury pool
      • Recreation
      • Many included luxury features
      • Screened patio
      • 15 minutes to beach

      #9:  Cypress Falls at the Woodlands by Del Webb

      2598 Oswego Dr., North Port - 86-744-7262 - Open Daily

      • 2-bedroom duplexes with 2-car garages
      • Resistance and resort pools
      • Clubhouse with Activities Director
      • Tennis
      • Recreation
      • Prided from $170's

      #10:  Pine Ridge at Fort Myers 

      4801 Lakeside Club Blvd.
      • Condos
      • Clubhouse, pool and hot tub, recreation, tennis, social activities
      • Lake with catch and release fishing
      • approx. 20 miles to Ft Myers Beach
      • walking trails
      • Start under $100,000 (resales-listings on site)

      #11: Del Webb at Naples - Naples 

      6055 Anthem Parkway, Ave Maria, FL

      • Gated
      • Small to large floor plans
      • 18-hole professional golf
      • Oasis Club and resort pool
      • Cushioned asphalt tennis courts and recreation
      • Lifestyle Director, social Activities and clubs
      • From $180's

      #12: Cinnamon Cove - South Ft. Myers  - down 

      Cinnamon Cove Blvd.

      • Gated
      • Clubhouse, multiple pools and spa
      • 3 fishing lakes
      • Tennis and recreation
      • Social Director and Planned Events
      • Lifelong Learning classes
      • Variety of Types of Homes
      • 770 Homes
      • Beach lifestyle - 3 miles to Ft Myers beach
      • Resales

      #13:  Woodfield at Vero Beach

      2755 Woodfield Blvd., Vero Beach - 772-778-8188 M-F

      • 24-hour gated entrance
      • 7 miles to Atlantic beaches
      • Near restaurants and shopping
      • 434 resale single homes and villas
      • Clubhouse
      • Pool and spa
      • Tennis
      • Recreation
      • See local Realtors for resale - started $100's 

      #14:  Cascades at River Hall by DR Horton

      2960 Apple Blossom Dr. - 239-210-8276 - Call for appointment

      • River Hall Master Community of 2000 acres
      • Surrounded by preserves and lakes
      • Kayaking, canoeing and fishing
      • Single homes starting in low $200's
      • Pool and spa
      • Championship Golf

      #15: Vitalia at Tradition - Port St. Lucie

      10004 Southwest Oak Tree Circle
      • Gated
      • Clubhouse, pool, tennis, recreation, fitness center
      • Medium to large square footage
      • Start in $190's

      #16:  Ponte Vedra by Del Webb - Ponte Vedra
      124 Del Webb Parkway
      • Gated
      • Small to large square footage homes
      • Clubhouse, pools, tennis, recreation and social activities
      • Miles of trails to walk
      • Ocean beaches
      • Splash Water Park
      • Planned 1988 homes
      • Start low $200's

      #17: Heritage Cove - Ft. Myers

      14041 Brant Point Circle
      • Gated
      • Clubhouse, pool and Jacuzzi, recreation
      • Fishing lake
      • Tennis - clay courts
      • 529 Units of condos, villas and singles
      • Close to beaches of Sanibel and Ft. Myers Beach

      #18:  Indian River Colony Club - Viera

      1936 Freedom Dr.
      • Gated
      • Single homes
      • 23 lakes and catch and release fishing
      • Clubhouse, pool tennis, recreation and country club amenities
      • 18-hole golf course
      • Social activities
      • At Ease Club dining and executive chef
      • Military retirement

      #19:   Sun City Center (Tampa Area)

      1002 Cherry Hills Dr., Sun City Center, Fl. (Information Center) - 813-633-3500; 8AM-3PM

      • Golf course community
      • Lots of amenities
      • Large with many types of homes
      • Formerly owned by Del Webb
      • New and resale from $100's

       #20:  The Villages

      1000 Lake Sumter Landing, The Villages, Fl. - 800-346-4556

      • Golf course community where you can ride to entertainment, restaurants and more
      • Abundant golf courses
      • Town Centers 
      • Visit 4-7 nights start $99 a night
      • 24 minutes north of Ocala
      • New and Resale from mid-$100,000's and up
      • Call for new or contact local Realtors for resale

      Many new communities coming out in 2017.  See these and all of our great retirement communities on